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Melvern Square & Area Community Association   

Please direct any general comments and questions to Contact Us.


Karie-Ann Saltzman (Chairman) 902-765-4715 karieparsons@hotmail.com
Art Little (Vice Chairman) 902-765-4795 arlittle@bellaliant.net
Katie Campbell (Secretary)   katie@spurrbrothers.ca
Members at large    
Robert Amos 902-765-3809 bob.amos@hotmail.com
John Brown 902-804-2845 johna1969brown@outlook.com
William Spurr   willdspurr@gmail.com
Aubrey Morris 902-765-0362 aubreymorris@eastlink.ca
John Spurr   john_spurr@hotmail.com
Bruce Prout 902-765-2911  
Lesley Carter (Webmaster)   contact@melvernsquare.ca



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